Optimum Growing Conditions for the Mycelium of Lion’s Mane

https://youtu.be/8hFFrXdnT-o Transcript Growing high-quality mushrooms depends on finding the best mushroom strain. It is, therefore, necessary to run experiments to analyze the vegetative growth of several strains. Today’s research paper addressed this topic and investigated different growing conditions of four strains of Hericium erinaceus, better known as the Lion’s Mane. All four strains were grown … Continue reading Optimum Growing Conditions for the Mycelium of Lion’s Mane

Optimizing Culture Media | Pleurotus sapidus

https://youtu.be/MPUbF4oHyQU Transcript The success of your mushroom farm depends on the reliability of your production. To secure a constant production with a high-quality yield, the availability of good quality spawn is necessary. This itself depends on identifying suitable agar media, which leads to the vigorous growth of the mycelium after the transfer. Therefore, today’s research … Continue reading Optimizing Culture Media | Pleurotus sapidus

Optimized Culture Conditions | Reishi

https://youtu.be/NKF31_b49hY Transcript Ganoderma lucidum, better known under the name Reishi, is one of the most famous medicinal mushrooms worldwide. As every cultivation starts with the cultivation of the mycelium, today’s research paper compares eight different strains on ten various agar media with each other. The goal: To find the optimal nutritional and environmental conditions for … Continue reading Optimized Culture Conditions | Reishi