Mushroom Book Series

Growing mushrooms needs a good foundation. The following books gives you on the one side a broad overview on this topic while on the other side providing you in-depth knowledge.

Business Book Series

Running a mushroom farm does not only mean knowing the technical part. It also means to understand the business side of your mushroom farm. The following books providing you enough information to successfully run your mushroom farm without overwhelming you with MBA stuff.

Make a Difference Book Series

If you not only want to grow mushrooms but you want to make a difference in the world, then these books provide you with, on the one side, a broad knowledge with on the other side an in-depth understanding of the topics.

LAB WORK VOl. 1 | Culture media

Over the years, I collected many different recipes for culture media. This book contains, therefore, over 70 of them. In addition, you will find a match between mushroom species and the culture media.

P&L Template (spreadsheet)

Tracking your income and expenses for your private life and your business is essential. Only if you do can you make informed decisions in both areas. Get access to my template (spreadsheet).

Mushroom Cultivation Parameter (spreadsheet)

All cultivation parameters of your mushrooms in one place. Get access to my template (spreadsheet) prefilled with the cultivation parameters of 19 different mushrooms.