I’m Rouven, and I’m so glad you found your way onto my website. I’m here to help you start your own mushroom farm or to improve your existing one.

Since I got into mushroom cultivation, I work on one mushroom farm to learn every single step. I then went to several other mushroom farms to get a broader view. In parallel, I read a lot of books and a ton of scientific papers, which I still do today.


As you are learning, there is lots of ground to cover, and I cannot wait to dive in with you. Let us begin with the following articles. In each one of them, I address specific aspects of a mushroom farm. In doing so, you get a good foundation for your business.

12 Common Mistakes Beginners Make Everybody, myself included, makes mistakes. In this article, I share the most common mistakes with you, so you don’t make them.

What are Mushrooms? Learn the basics of mushrooms.

Do Mushrooms need Light? Find out if mushrooms need light in order to grow and why it is the case.

Things to Know Before Starting a Mushroom Farm In this article, I give you an overview of how to grow mushrooms.

What Do I Need to Start Growing Mushrooms? Much less than you think. In this article, I share with you all the equipment I used to start growing mushrooms.

Mushroom Farm Design | A step-by-step guide A good farm design saves you a ton of money and stress. This design guide helps you with that.

Best Mushroom Strain for Beginners Not all mushrooms are created equal, especially for beginners. If you are just starting out, you should use a fungus which accepts failures on the way.


Now let us get more specific. Here are three more articles about mushroom cultivation. In one of them, I go way more in detail about the main aspects of mushroom cultivation.

As you are reading, ask yourself, “How can I apply the information on my farm?”

How Substrate Influences Your Mushroom Yield The mixture of your substrate defines the yield and quality of your mushroom. Learn how to choose the best substrate for your mushroom.

How Your Sterilization Method will Impact Your Mushroom Yield Only proper sterilization will guarantee that you will grow mushrooms and not mold. Learn how to choose the best sterilization method for your substrate.

How Your Inoculation Method can Impact Your Mushroom Yield Inoculation is an art. In this article, I share with you a 6-step approve of getting better results.

How light will impact your mushroom yield Light plays an important role when it comes to growing mushrooms. Choosing the right lighting for your mushroom can make the difference between growing and not growing.


Now it is time to increase your productivity as well as your income. In the following three articles, I will guide you through some of the aspects of this topic.

How Do I Keep Track of My Production Knowing how much you have to produce in order to pay your bills is key. You don’t need a fancy tool, but you must start tracking.

How Do I Keep Track of My Expenses/Income If you don’t know how much you spent, you’re letting money on the table.

How to Interpret your Profit & Loss Statement Make use of the numbers which you’re tracking and optimize your farm.


Option #1: You could do nothing. The truth is, when you do the same old things you have always been doing, you are going to get the same old results. But I’m sure you don’t want that.

Option #2: You could keep searching for more information on the web. There’s a TON of information, good and bad, all over the place. But why would you continue searching?

Option #3: You can take action now. You can do it right now with the free information I share with you on this site. Imagine holding your first self-cultivated mushroom in your hands. This feeling is amazing.