Optimizing Culture Media | Pleurotus sapidus


The success of your mushroom farm depends on the reliability of your production. To secure a constant production with a high-quality yield, the availability of good quality spawn is necessary. This itself depends on identifying suitable agar media, which leads to the vigorous growth of the mycelium after the transfer.

Therefore, today’s research paper investigated six different agar media and their influence on the mycelial growth of Pleurotus sapidus. The authors run two different experiments.

In the first, they made a tissue transfer of a fresh mushroom onto culture media. The second experiment contained an agar to agar transfer.

The highest growth for tissue transfer was found on PDA, MEA, and YMA. The PDA consists typically of 20g dextrose, 15g agar, and 4g potato extract. Potato extract is a mixture of proteins and is, therefore, a good nitrogen source for fungi.

If we look at the growth of the agar to agar transfer, we see the same pattern. The best results were again achieved using PDA, MEA, and YMA. The only difference is that the mycelium after the agar to agar transfer grew 25% faster. For the tissue, we get 9 mm/day for the agar-agar 11.25 mm/day.

When it comes to the density of the mycelium, both tissue and agar to agar transfer getting the best results on these 3 agar media. Talk to you in the next video.


📝Karthik Mahadevan, Krishnakumari Shanmugasundaram. Comparative effect of different culture media on mycelial growth performance of Pleurotus sapidus. J Pharmacogn Phytochem 2018;7(4):874-878. https://www.phytojournal.com/archives/?year=2018&vol=7&issue=4&ArticleId=5032&si=false


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