To sell mushrooms, you must have continuous production of mushrooms going on. To achieve that, you need tight contamination control. In today’s video, I will talk about the about six vectors of contamination, which Paul Stamets talks about in his book Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms, and add my thoughts to it.

Pseudomonas tolaasii causes brown, slightly sunken blotches on maturing mushrooms. Hence the name Brown Blotch Disease. These bacteria usually exist in the casing layer used in the button mushroom industry. This casing layer consists of materials with a good water-holding capacity. Even though no casing layer is needed to cultivate oyster mushrooms, the brown blotch disease is one of the most devastating diseases for the cultivation of them.

Trichoderma is the source behind the severe green mold infection. According to many studies, this infection is reported all over the world. From South Korea, Italy, Hungary, and Romania to the US, the Philippines, Germany, etc. If Trichoderma appears, it can wipe out enter mushroom productions. Therefore, many attempts were made to prevent Trichoderma from spreading.