Traits you need to build a successful mushroom farm


The results from my latest poll about “what is your favorite,” thank you for participating, shocked me quite a bit. Mainly because most of you prefer to experiment with mycelium, substrate, and recipes over growing mushrooms or running a mushroom farm.

While thinking about the reasons behind the results, I remembered a concept I learned years ago.

This concept helped me understand building a business better by understanding what characteristics are needed to build one and what are the core building blocks of a business.

The first characteristic is the technician, the second the manager, and the third the entrepreneur.

No characteristic is more important than the other. Only if all three characteristics are working together can we build a great business.

The technician loves to do things like experimenting with mycelium, substrate, and recipes. He loves to grow mushrooms. What he does not love is planning, designing, or running a mushroom farm.

These things are in his world view things that limit him. That is why he feels that the manager is holding him back. For him, the manager does not get the job done. He, the technician, is doing the hard work.

While the technician does not love structure for the manager, it is everything. The manager loves to bring it all together. Scheduling, organizing, and managing each building block so that everything has its place.

He, therefore, struggles with the technician, who seems to always make chaos.

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What the manager does not love is growing and experimenting with mushrooms.

But if you are all day long only planning things are not getting done, but if you do not plan, you do not know if the work you are doing is the right thing to work on.

Here, we already see that while both struggle with each other, they both need each other.

And then, there is the third characteristic – the entrepreneur.

He loves to visualize how do business looks like. He loves to talk with customers about his business. He loves to cast a vision for it.

What he is struggling with is the work of the manager. The entrepreneur feels that the plans of the manager limiting his freedom of thinking. That the manager is limiting his creativity.

Thinking about the future of the mushroom business is what drives the entrepreneur. Creating a business in his mind.

While the entrepreneur lives in the future, the manager and the technician live in the present.

The manager cares only about practical things, constantly struggling with the entrepreneur’s thoughts.

But, without a vision of where the mushroom business is going, the manager does not know how to schedule, organize, and manage the things inside the company. And if there is no plan, the technician does not know what he should work on first.

You, therefore, need all three of them.

You need the technician.

You need the manager and

You need the entrepreneur.

If you think about what you answered in the poll, you will know which characteristic is more dominant in you.

Are you more the technician, the manager, or the entrepreneur?

Comment below.

But what if I told you that we all have all three inside of us.

We are all, to some extent, technicians, managers, and entrepreneurs!

And more importantly, we need all three of them to build an excellent mushroom business.

We need them because they work on different building blocks of the business.

The core building blocks of every business are production, delivery, and customer happiness.

If you cannot produce on regular basis mushrooms, you have no business.

If you cannot deliver these mushrooms regularly to your customers, you have no business.

And if you do not help your customers get the most out of your mushrooms, you have no business.

Interestingly, the majority of businesses fail at the last part – customer happiness.

But that is the topic for another video.

Production, delivery, and customer happiness are the building blocks on which the technician and the manager are working.

Both make sure that the mushrooms are produced, delivered, and help the customer get the most out of them. They work in the business. That is different from what the entrepreneur is doing.

The entrepreneur works on the business.

For him, the product is not mushrooms.

For him, the product is the business itself.

Therefore, the entrepreneur has to ensure that the business produces what it promises every single time without him.

The promise to produce and deliver on regular basis mushrooms to the customers and helping them to get the most out of them without him.

If the business does, it delivers that promise.

But to whom?

To the person who wants to buy the business.

That is the job of the entrepreneur.

Creating a business that could work without him.

It does not mean that you should sell your mushroom business.

It means that you should build a mushroom business that you could sell if you want to.

If you do not build it that way, you only have created a job for yourself.

A job from which you hoped if frees you up from the tyranny of your old boss.

But you are now your own boss.

Doing things you have never done before and you do not love to do.

Therefore, free yourself!

Talk to you in the following video.

More about the concept

By Michael E. Gerber – The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It  by Michael E. Gerber


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