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Learn the main mistakes many mushroom farmers and I did in the beginning. Knowing them gives you a head start.

The cultivation of morel has fascinated mankind for more than 130 years. Many have tried to grow them outdoors as well as indoors. But they failed. Now it seems that the Chinese found a method which is working – at least for the outdoor cultivation of morels. But new challenges are on the horizon. These and more I want to address in today’s video.

I talked in several videos about different research projects which focused on sterilization methods. As the step by step process of each one of them might be not always clear, I thought, talking about them helps you to improve your mushroom production.

Growing mushrooms starts with a good foundation – the substrate. What kind of substrate you should be using depends on the mushroom strain you want to cultivate because different substrates will influence the growth, development, and yield of your mushroom.

Light plays an essential role in the life cycle of many mushrooms. It not only can trigger the pinhead formation but also influence the spore germination rate.

The mushroom substrate is usually sterilized by using an autoclave. But this method is not accessible for small mushroom growers. This paper, therefore, investigates alternative methods for disinfection.

Oyster mushrooms are one of the easier mushrooms to cultivate. This is because the mushroom grows on a wide range of substrates and tolerates a broad range of cultivation parameters. But what can someone expect to achieve growing oyster mushrooms?

Today I will answer a question from the community. Nathan asks: Can you explain a bit more about a positive and negative pressure air system. The question is related to the following video. In it, I talk about a research project which tested various ventilation system for the cultivation of king oyster mushroom.

Trichoderma is the source behind the severe green mold infection. According to many studies, this infection is reported all over the world. From South Korea, Italy, Hungary, and Romania to the US, the Philippines, Germany, etc.

If you want to grow successful mushrooms, a high-quality substrate is an essential requirement. But what should it contain?

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