Where to find Morels in the US | With Map


Today’s video is for all the morels lovers out there.

The following map of the US shows the location of morels found by people who provided this information voluntarily to the owner of the site. The data are categorized by month and year which can be selected on the left-hand side.

The first animation shows the data for 2020, the second one for 2021. In both years, the first morels could already be found in February in California. The locations where morels could be found then exploded in March and April just to fade out in May and finally end in June.

Differences between 2021 and 2020 can be explained by the late start of the season through very low temperatures during the first months of 2021. The difference for May is self-explanatory as May 2021 is just one week old.

Meaning if you have not found one or worse, you have not searched for them, now is the time to go on morel hunting.

If we look closer at the animations, we see that the morel season moves south to north. This pattern can be explained by changing temperature and precipitation during the season, represented by the different climate zones.

The following animation shows the average temperature for the last 120 days, 60 days, and 30 days. Indicating a slowly rising in the average temperature. The precipitation over the last 120 days, 60 days, and 30 days shows a slight overall increase.

These changes in temperature and precipitation trigger the mycelium to start forming pins which then grow into the mushrooms, in the context of today’s video, the morels.

If you are wondering right now if you could cultivate morels, then the video on the right is for you. In this video, I summarize different research projects that could show that the cultivation of morels in an outdoor setting is possible.

Talk to you there.