P&L Template (spreadsheet)

My template (spreadsheet) for tracking your numbers in one place.


  • Have you been wondering where your money is going?
  • Have you ever wondered which income source contributes the most to your business success?
  • Wanted to know how to keep track of all the expenses in your business?
  • If yes, then this spreadsheet is for you. In it you can see at one glance all your private income and expenses as well as that of your business. Only if you track both you can make informed decisions for your private life and your business. Especially, as both are influencing each other.


What do I get?

The spreadsheet contains five tabs – Two for tracking your personal income and expenses and one for tracking your business income and expenses.

Besides, there will be two tabs (charts) showing the cumulated P&L and the monthly income by income sources.

Will I get a physical copy of the book?

No. This is just a digital copy of my P&L Template.

How can I get access to this template?

Once you complete your purchase, you will get within 24 hours an email with a link to your copy of the template! Please check your SPAM folder! Simply download the template and save it to your computer, tablet, or phone!

Are there refunds available?

Because of the digital nature of this product, there aren’t any refunds available. All sales are final.

I purchased the template but did not receive an email!

We are sorry to hear that you did not get the email. To help you, please follow this link REQUEST and provide us the necessary information. After receiving your request we will reach out to you.