Influence of Supplementation|Milky Mushroom


In today’s video I will talk about the influence of rice bran, maize powder, and wheat bran on the cultivation of Calocybe indica, known as the Milky mushroom.

The mushrooms were cultivated on rice straw.

The first plot shows the number of days to primordia formation. The fasted time with 13.5 days could be found using 40% rice bran. The slowest time with 19.3 was found if no supplements were used.

The general findings is: The higher the supplementation level the faster the colonization.

When it comes to the number of fruiting bodies, we find with 16.8 the most using 30% maize powder followed by 16.3 using 40% rice bran. The lowest number of fruiting bodies with 7.3 was found on unsupplemented rice straw.

The largest pileus diameter with 7.1 cm could be found using 30% maize powder. The smallest with 4.1 cm using 10% maize powder.

While using 10% wheat bran led with 2.4 cm to the thickest pileus.

When it comes to the stalk, we find that using 30% maize powder or 40% rice bran increases the diameter of the stalk. While 30% or 50% rice bran led to the thickest stalk.

These numbers then translate into the following biological efficiencies 91 for 30% maize powder, 78 for 30% wheat bran and 77 for 40% rice bran. The lowest biological efficiency could be found on unsupplemented rice straw.

How did the authors prepare the substrate?

The rice straw was first chopped into 3 to 4 inch pieces. They then added 0.2% calcium carbonate (dry weight) as well as the supplements at various levels to the straw. The moisture content was adjusted to 65%.

Each bag contained 500g substrate which were autoclaved at 121°C for 1 hour. After the cooldown the bags were inoculated and kept in the dark for 30 to 35 days at 30 to 32°C (°F).

After the bags were fully colonized the bags were opened and a casing layer consisting of a mixture of 3 parts cow dung and 1 part loamy soil was applied. The casing material was sterilized at 65°C (°F) for 4 hours.

The bags were then transferred into the fruiting room and maintained at 30 to 35°C (°F) and a relative humidity of 70 to 80%.

Talk to you in the next video.


Alam N, Amin R, Khair A, Lee TS. Influence of different supplements on the commercial cultivation of milky white mushroom. Mycobiology. 2010;38(3):184-188. doi:10.4489/MYCO.2010.38.3.184.