Trichoderma is the source behind the severe green mold infection. According to many studies, this infection is reported all over the world.

From South Korea, Italy, Hungary, and Romania to the US, the Philippines, Germany, and so on.

If Trichoderma appears, it can wipe out enter mushroom productions.

Therefore, many attempts were made to prevent Trichoderma from spreading.

But if you want to do that you have to stop it right at the beginning.

And here comes the tricky part.

On the mycelium level, Trichoderma can’t be distinguished from other fungi because, at this level, Trichoderma is white like the most fungi.

Only if it starts to sporulate it changes the color to green.

Hence the name green mold.

With this Guide, I want to give you a manual at hand which provides you with the necessary information first about Trichoderma and which growing condition its needs, and second, strategies that can lower the risk of infection.

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