Long-term stability of Trichoderma

https://youtu.be/DPQx9NplcRI Transcript Studying Trichoderma is crucial if you want to avoid it. I talk, therefore, about a research paper that tries to find the most suitable organic substrates for the biomass production, viability, and efficacy of the biocontrol strain Trichoderma harzianum AS12-2. Chemical pesticides are the most common way to protect plants against pests and … Continue reading Long-term stability of Trichoderma

How to increase the yield of Trichoderma?

https://youtu.be/carARem72no Transcript Trichoderma is one of the arch-nemesis of every mushroom farmer. If you want to prevent it in the first place, you need to study it. I, therefore, analyzed a research paper in which the authors optimized the cultivation of Trichoderma. In the paper, the authors studied the effects of carbon, nitrogen, and inorganic … Continue reading How to increase the yield of Trichoderma?

How foreign companies can legally trick you as a customer!

Import from China sold as Made in US

https://youtu.be/pSFKYgzLfFA Transcript With the expansion of globalized food markets, reliable geographical identification is essential to avoid foodstuffs' mislabeling and fraud. The legislation, therefore, introduced the country-of-origin labeling. As a mushroom can produce either by using domestic resources or import the resources in part or in total from foreign countries, this system can fall short, as … Continue reading How foreign companies can legally trick you as a customer!

18 Ways to Keep Pests in Check

18 Ways to keep pests in check

Contamination is a devastating problem in mushroom cultivation. Besides, we, as humans, animals, and especially insects, can spread disease. In this article, I will provide you with tools and tactics to first prevent contamination happening, and second to cover if it already happened. These tools range from cheap and easy up to more advanced and … Continue reading 18 Ways to Keep Pests in Check